I’m still alive! Also, Motivational Monday

She lives! Where the heck have I been you ask? Well my friends, let me tell you.

Life has been incredibly hectic the last couple of months. My client I was taking care of had a medical decline so I went from working three overnights to 5 overnights a week for the past month and a half. Needless to say my brain and my body have been pretty much fried.

I have been doing ok with health goals but not as great as I’d like. I have, until the past couple of weeks with the rainy cold weather, been running and walking a lot!

I have still been achieving some goals in spite of my exhaustion. I ran a 5k in the middle of October with some friends in Rhode Island.

It was rainy, but the foliage (and especially the company) was perfect! I did this one with my best friend who is a rockstar and was also 5 months pregnant at the time! We ran the 5k and her husband did the 10k. We finished it in 40:45. Not too bad for being exhausted and really pregnant I’d say!

Then this past weekend I had my other 5k at our local hospital in support of mental health. That one was rough. All these overnights were beginning to wear on me and man was I fighting that exhaustion! My time wasn’t great and my whole body felt so weak and I had some dizzy spells for a while after. But I did it!!! Me and a couple of girls from my Monday night workout group got it done even though it was raining pretty good! This was one was all about pushing through and overcoming and we were determined!

I was a little slower in this race and definitely more fatigued. I finished in 43:22.

Now I have one more race coming up this year on Thanksgiving morning. It’s a 5 miler and I’m nervous about that one! I do not do good in the cold, and even though I’ve done this race a handful of times, I’ve never run it at all. But I’m excited to end this year strong!

So there you have it. My life update! I hope you’re all still pushing through and making/crushing your own personal goals! Until next time.


Goal check-ins!

Whelp I almost didn’t make it but here I am. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful and productive week so far! It’s been a whirlwind for me and here we are already at the end of it.

First, before I give a weekly check-in for my goals, I would like to do a milage update for the year so far. I’m so excited about how much I’ve accomplished this year setting this goal for myself! In January I set a milage goal to move 25 miles a week and complete 1200 miles by the end of the year. I’ve had a couple really off months this summer so that derailed a bit, but I’m so excited to announce that as of today I’ve completed 634 miles so far!!! At this rate it looks like I’ll be ending the year at 1060, and I’ll tell you what, I’m completely happy with that number! It is soooo much more than I did last year, or really ever before.

This week I’ve gotten up before the girls and done my devotions all but one day. It’s really helping me have more peace in my day. Mentally it helps me so much to have that time before they’re up and needing me for everything! Next week I think I’m going to up my goal to memorizing a scripture verse weekly as well. That’s something I’ve never really done but I think it would be good to start.

My eating so far was so so with a tight budget this week. I had what I had and made the best of it. Once I get some more groceries over the weekend I’m going to try and get back to intermittent fasting. I saw such good results when I was doing that before!

My budgeting was on point this week. As long as I can stick to it weekly I’ll be on the road to some relief and peace of mind!

Overall I’m pretty happy with my progress this week. How is your week/goals going?

Motivational Monday!

Whew! What a busy week! This week I began training for my 5k in November, had the first week back to school, and had my second week going back to my 3 overnights/week schedule. Somehow we all survived! Ha!

This week was such a crazy week weather-wise. The beginning of the week it was normal August weather, then all of the sudden mid-week we had this crazy heat wave that ended up making school dismiss early for two days, then by Friday it was cool and breezy fall weather. I’m proud to say that I got outside and trained for my 5k from the hottest day to the coolest! Oh yeah, and I did it all while pushing my toddler in the stroller so that’s a double high five right?! Ha ha ha.

I didn’t hit my milage goal of 25 miles this week mainly because I was listening to my body. I walked/jogged 3 1/2 miles on Mon., Wed., and Fri., and I biked 6 miles on Tuesday. I was planning on biking over the weekend but after my training Friday morning I went straight to help some friends move and that was the last straw for my body. I had a rough overnight Friday night and once Saturday rolled around I had no energy except to lay around most of the day!

(Actually since 2009!😉)

Y’all, I’m not even a little bit disappointed at my milage this week. I ran more this week than I have all year and it feels amazing! I’m excited to see my endurance build and grow as I change up my routine with this training!

This week my eating was better than it’s been as of late, but not where I want to be. I’m excited to do better at that this week!

How was your week?

This week I’m going to begin doing a goal check-in post on Thursdays to see how everyone is doing with the goals they want to complete. So if you want to join in on that awesome accountability comment your weekly goals at the end of this post!

Here are my goals for this week:


Drinking more water!!!! At least 2 bottles (30oz.) a day.

ACV drink daily

No carbs after breakfast


25 miles 10 of them training

HIIT workout class


Make a budget for the week and stick to it!

Start a daily cleaning routine

Wake up before the girls daily to pray and read my Bible

I can’t wait to see all the goals we’re going to accomplish together! Have a great week y’all.

Motivational Monday!

Finally we are back to structure and a scheduled routine again with school starting today! I love structure but have an hmm incredibly difficult time creating it for myself. I do much better if I’m forced into it! Ha!

This past week I did better and not mindlessly eating/eating my emotions and stress. One big thing is that the flea situation is finally under control at our house! Man was that a nightmare and oh so exhausting. Saturday is when I really started changing the way I was eating and making healthier choices. My clothes were saying that it was time to cut the crap!

I knew going into this week that my exercising wasn’t going to be great. I worked 4 overnights in 5 days and I knew I would be exhausted. Monday night I did my HIIT class at church and it kicked my butt! I was so sore on Tuesday that I did 5 miles on the bike to loosen up my sore muscles.

Other than walking around a zoo all day Thursday that was the gist of my workouts this week.

Our HIIT class is cancelled tonight due to back to school plans, but I got out and did a very hilly 3.5 mile walk with a bit of jogging thrown in. While pushing my 3 year old so that’s extra points!

My friend in the picture above got me to join her in a 5k at the beginning of November. It’s time to get back out there and get jogging again! I downloaded the Couch to 5k app and I hope to walk/jog 3-4x a week.

How did your week go?

Here are my goals for this week:


ACV drink daily

Kombucha before every meal

Carbs only at breakfast

2-3 bottles of water a day


Walk jog 10 miles

Bike 15 miles

Why I’ve been AWOL

When I looked up the exact definition of this word today it couldn’t have rung more true for my absence from the blogosphere.

My life this past month has been stressful and chaotic and just overwhelming at times. My goals have pretty much been flung to the back burner while I’ve just tried to keep everything else going. The one think l thing that I’ve been most consistent with and that I’m so thankful for is my Monday night workout group at my church! There’s something about the community in working out with a group of like minded people that has been a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the chaos.

So what has been the cause of all this chaos and stress you ask? Well my friends, we discovered about 3-4 weeks ago that our cats (which then led to our house) had a horrendous case of fleas. They’re inside cats so it was not something we were even really worried about before we discovered them! Since the discovery, my daily routine has been washing laundry and bedding, cleaning and vacuuming our entire house including all furniture, all while trying to keep my kids occupied so I could get all this done. It’s been so exhausting and draining and such a long process! But we’re finally almost free of them!

I have had no energy to run, and have been making pretty bad food choices. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Next week we start back to school and I’m so excited to get back into a routine. This week I work 4 overnights so I’m going to give myself grace but still be aware of what food choices in making and try and listen to my internal hunger scale.

So that’s what’s been going on over here. When I come back next week I’m going to get back into a weekly blogging routine. Here’s what I’m wanting to do:

Mondays- Motivational Mondays

Thursdays: Goal check-ins. This will be updates on my resolution goals from this post Pieces of Me, and where you can comment what you’re working towards and check in weekly with me.

Finally, once or twice a month I’ll be writing a piece just sharing things on my heart.

I’m so excited to get back to my love of writing again and sharing in each other’s goals and progress!

I hope you’re all well, and here’s to a great week!

Motivational Mondays!

This week was a real doozy! The beginning of the week a belt blew on my car so that went out of commission. We enjoyed having to slow down for the first half of the week. The second half of the week my youngest got pink eye and a bad cold and being stuck at home was no longer relaxing! To the point where I ordered this shirt because I could relate to it so much:

I did hit my milage goal this week partially because we had to walk to swimming lessons and back this week. Which was a good 3 mile walk with my girlies. Luckily it wasn’t sweltering that day and I didn’t get complaints from either of them!

I did 4 days of my HIIT group but fell off the wagon towards the end of the week. I biked 17 miles in the heat of the upstairs room. This extra heat better be doubling my calorie burn hahaha or at least adding to it!

I also had a partner for one of my HIIT workouts on pilates day. She was pretty cute!

All in all it was a pretty great week of workouts!

My week of eating was so so. I did pretty good, wasn’t super strict but I was very aware of my portions…. until yesterday. Did y’all know about National Ice Cream Day? Yeah it’s a thing. On the most humid and warm day of the week, we definitely went out to celebrate. This was my splurge for the week!

How did your week go?

This week’s goals:


I’m going to download a drinking reminder app today because drinking enough water is still a daily struggle for me!

Water, water, water

Daily ACV drink

THM eating plan


Catch up on my HIIT workouts and stick to it for the week.

Do HIIT class tonight

20 miles

Motivational Mondays!

Sorry so late! It’s been a crazy busy week full of family, and fun. In spite of all the crazy schedules, I met my goals for the most part!

My weekly milage goal was met with a few bike rides and an awesome hike up a local mountain I hadn’t done before. Aaand all of these miles were done in the middle of a heat wave! My bike room had no A/C so it was 80+degrees each time and our hiking trip was hot and humid.

My eating was not perfect because we went hardcore vacation week this week. We were fitting as many day trips and fun activities in as we could while my sister and her family visited from out of state so not as great as it could have been. Nothing that derailed me though.

As far as my 30 day HIIT challenge group went, even though my back was bothering me I pushed through and did 3 1/2 days this week. I’m loving the challenge in it!

How was your week? Step out of your comfort zone and make some new goals this week!

Here are my goals for this week:


Water like crazy especially in this heat

ACV drink daily

THM plan


HIIT group daily

20 miles

Motivational Mondays!

I almost didn’t do a post for today. This has been the most unsuccessful week that I’ve had since the beginning of the year! I’m embarrassed to even post how bad I did and it could have been better if I didn’t put off doing most of my miles to the end of the week.

Let’s start out on a positive note. I had the hardest best workout at my HIIT class Monday night! We did everything outdoors and man did we work out hard. It was the first time I felt like I might throw up from working out too hard! Ha! Man, it felt so good though, and it was the most amazing breezy night to be outside.

So now for the crappy part. I only got 5 miles done this week! I biked at the beginning of the week, then we got busy real quick as the week went on and I told myself I’ll do it later on…. then I threw out my back. It’s been a miserable few days and I’m super upset that I wasn’t able to start my 30 day HIIT challenge today! Tomorrow I plan to take Ibuprofen in the morning and log some miles again to get things moving.

That’s the gist of it. Crappy week, but I won’t let it stop me!

How was your week?

Here are my goals for this week:


Stick to my THM eating plan

No night snacking

2+bottles of water daily

ACV drink daily


20 miles

As many days of my HIIT that I can handle with my back

Daily abs


Sorry y’all. I’m a day late and a dollar short today! I’m just rolling with it, I hope that’s ok. If you can’t tell, summer vacation has finally arrived! Apparently I’ll need to start writing my post on Sundays because once the week begins again we’re going, going, going. Thus, this post on Tuesday instead of Monday.

This was a great week for me! I stuck to my fuel cycle eating plan and have continued on eating the Trim Healthy Mama way. I feel so good! I’m basically making sure that protein is the center of every meal/snack I eat and separating my carbs from my fats. I’m eating mainly low/whole grain carbs or fruits and veggies. And those good healthy fats. My scale completely stopped working so I couldn’t do my final weigh in at the end of our fuel cycle but my body is feeling smaller and way less bloated.

I have come to terms that with summer being here and much more going on every week, I need to pull back my weekly milage to 20 miles a week. I banged it out this week with a 4 mile walk, a one mile walk that I forgot to track, and 2x on the bike.

I’m excited for July! I’ll be joining a 30 day kickstart program that my friend is creating. It will be 6 days a week of workouts she’s putting together for us. Mostly HIIT with some HIIT cardio, and a day of yoga/pilates. This was another reason that I knew I needed to dial back my mileage, I don’t want to over do it!

How has everyone been doing with your goals? Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year?!

Here are my goals for this week:


THM eating plan daily

ACV drink daily

2+bottles of water/day


20 miles

Kettle bell workout 1 day

Abs/arms 2 days

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